SOS Reading Room is an extension of SOS Subs, SOS Tutors, SOS Homework Club and SOS Summer Academy, which all fall under the umbrella of SOS Personnel.  

       SOS Personnel is a provider of substitute teachers and tutors to both charter, private and public schools nationwide.  We supply our client schools  with the professional and support personnel they need, when they need them.

       The Favorite Books Program for 4-year-olds and kindergartners is the perfect way to make sure your child gets off to a strong start in reading. In this 10-week program, children develop a positive, enthusiastic relationship with books and acquire the phonics skills needed to read simple words and sentences. There are two parts to the program: an exciting live online class that students attend weekly with their parents, and fun and effective phonics and sight word games for practicing phonics and sight word skills at home. 

       In the live online class, our experienced teacher will help your child develop a lifelong love of reading. Our program provides you with ten of the best picture books ever written. These books are delightful, imaginative, engaging works that your child will want to hear again and again. In addition to beautiful illustrations and compelling stories that the teacher reads aloud each week, the teacher-led book activities will motivate your child to look to books as a source of fun, knowledge, and inspiration. 

     The phonics and sight word games you’ll play together at home are not only lots of fun but are very productive because they provide the repetition kids need to build strong skills.  
The time commitment is modest: class meets once a week for 50 minutes, and students typically spend 10-15 minutes playing games or reading twice a week between classes. We offer multiple class sections for your convenience.
The literature programs are taught by veteran teachers and professionals from all genres of corporate America. SOS Reading room teachers are devoted readers who are dedicated to helping their students experience the rewards and pleasure of reading. Each teacher brings a unique set of experience, professionalism, and passion to the job. Our teachers unite the experience of classroom teaching with a deep understanding of literature and young people in order to offer students the very best experience in our program.

Stephanie Butler, MA

Shanelle Sotilleo, BA

Lamont Wilson, BA

Kadian Stewart, RN